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Collection: Coffee tables in MORTEX®

Are you looking for a polished concrete coffee table for your living room? Opt for a piece in MORTEX®. This material, with its numerous advantages, embodies excellence.

What are the advantages of a polished concrete (MORTEX®) coffee table?

We have chosen to offer unique tables in MORTEX®, known as polished concrete, for their elegance and robustness.

MORTEX® is much more than a simple plaster; it's a true work of art in the field of mineral coatings. Made of aerial lime, marble powder, and specific resins, this Belgian material stands out for its exceptional resistance and its ability to take on all forms.

Which color and shape of polished concrete to choose for a coffee table?

Each MORTEX® table coming out of our workshop is unique.

Each one is designed to adapt to your spaces, while retaining their elegance.

Choose your polished concrete coffee table from our existing models, select your favorite color and dimensions.

None suits you? Then fully customize your table to measure (see below).

MORTEX® as a choice for polished concrete

What exactly is MORTEX®?

MORTEX® is a Belgian-made product, now world-renowned. Used as a decorative plaster, it adheres to all surfaces.

It stands out for its versatility and exceptional resistance. Our MORTEX® tables are the fruit of this artisanal excellence. With our coffee tables with a polished concrete effect, you will add character to your living room.

The neutral base of the MORTEX® coating with a polished concrete effect offers an unlimited canvas for creativity. It comes in a multitude of colors. Its unique finishing style adds an artisanal dimension to your living room table.

The mineral peculiarity of the MORTEX® coating distinctly differentiates it from other polished concrete solutions on the market. Its texture evokes stone, offering a natural, warm, and tactile result. Thus, it manages to create a welcoming and authentic atmosphere in your interior.

A robust concrete effect for your coffee table

This specific material guarantees great solidity. Its unique composition confers an unfailing resistance to shocks and daily wear. A MORTEX® living room table is perfectly suited for intensive daily use.

The coating is also resistant to compression and abrasion. It is a guarantee of quality and durability for your furniture.

Perfect waterproofing

The intrinsic waterproofing of the MORTEX® multi-surface coating is a significant advantage for coffee tables. All risk of damage due to water exposure is avoided. MORTEX® thus offers exceptional durability even in frequent contact with liquids. This property makes the MORTEX® coffee table a robust and aesthetic alternative to wooden tables.

Simple and quick cleaning

Unlike traditional concrete, our MORTEX® tables are easy to maintain. To keep the MORTEX® surface in impeccable condition, daily cleaning with mild soap is sufficient.

As with a classic living room table, you can gently pass a sponge soaked in a soapy solution. You can also use absorbent paper to dry everything.

We strongly advise against the use of anti-limescale sprays to maintain a MORTEX® coating. These highly corrosive products can cause rapid and irreversible damage.

Eco-responsible polished concrete coffee tables

By opting for a MORTEX® living room table, you are choosing a product that is not only robust and elegant but also environmentally friendly.

This philosophy, embedded in the manufacture of MORTEX®, meets current sustainability needs and offers an aesthetic and responsible alternative for your interior.

The living room tables coated with MORTEX® polished concrete represent a decidedly eco-responsible choice. Originating from Belgium, this material is composed of 95% natural ingredients, carefully selected in Europe.

Its manufacturing process is based on a neutral and adaptable formula by the craftsman on-site, thus minimizing the carbon footprint thanks to more ecological transport and a reduction in product waste.