tables en MORTEX® The Concrete Table Co.

The uniqueness of MORTEX® tables from The Concrete Table Co.

The Concrete Table Co. offers wooden tables covered with MORTEX®, with an infinity of colors and textures. Our artisanal process makes our tables unique pieces, personalized according to the tastes and needs of each one. Customization and made-to-measure are the key words, with more than 60 colors and the possibility of producing patterns and textures on the tables. The Concrete Table Co. views each table as a unique work of art, reflecting the lifestyle and personality of its owner.

Tables are often considered functional pieces of furniture, but it is possible to transform them into unique works of art. At The Concrete Table Co., we believe that every table should be unique and personalized to suit individual tastes and needs. This is why we have developed an artisanal process for manufacturing tables covered with MORTEX®.

The Uniqueness of The Concrete Table Co. Tables

The Concrete Table Co. tables are the ideal choice for those who appreciate quality craftsmanship and bespoke design.

Handcrafted manufacturing process

The handcrafted manufacturing process of The Concrete Table Co. tables is what makes them unique. Each table is handcrafted in our workshop in Belgium, using traditional techniques to create a high quality finished product. We take the time to fully understand each customer's desires and use artisan assembly methods to create a table that perfectly meets their needs.

The customization of tables The Concrete Table Co.

At The Concrete Table Co, we know how important it is for our customers to have a table that reflects their personality and style. That's why we offer a wide range of customization for our tables. Whether choosing a pre-defined model in our "Collections" section or creating your own table in our "Customize my table" section, we offer you the freedom to customize your table according to your tastes.

You have the choice of the shape of the tray, its size, the color (among more than 60 references from BEAL), the shape and size of the legs, and even if you want your table to have rounded edges or not. So why settle for a standard table when you can have your own, one of a kind?

The Concrete Table and Co., official applicator-partner of BEAL

The Concrete Table Co. tables are not only unique because of their handcrafted workmanship, but also because of the quality of their coating in MORTEX®, a Belgian brand of BEAL . The installation of this coating requires specific training to be carried out in a professional manner. The Concrete Table Co.'s applicators have undergone the appropriate training at BEAL and have more than 10 years of experience in the application of MORTEX®. This not only guarantees the aesthetic quality of their tables, but also their long-term durability. By opting for a table from The Concrete Table Co., you benefit not only from the beauty and uniqueness of their handcrafted manufacture, but also from the quality of the MORTEX® coating, laid with care and expertise.